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Don’t Kill Your Dreams – Don’t Be a Murderer

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We are all a bit guilty of allowing people to shut our dreams down. From our parents to our siblings, to our other family members, some friends, and even some romantic partners or spouses. It’s not they but we, ourselves, killing our dreams.
They said things like:

1. Why do you think you can do that?

2. Get a government job for security.

3. No, that profession doesn’t make money.

4. No one will want that product.

5. It is not possible.

6. Don’t take those kinds of risks.

7. Why would you want to do that to our family?

8. You don’t have the money to do that.

9. You’re not smart enough for that.

10. You could never become that.

I vividly remember being told some of those things. From our childhood years straight into adulthood, people have been imposing their limitations and beliefs on us and we accept them.
They told me that it was too risky to leave my good corporate job to work for myself full-time. I didn’t want to disappoint the person telling me this and so I stayed a whole year long than I should of on a job that made me feel nauseous each morning, where I felt stifled, undervalued, and underappreciated. These feelings weighed on me like heavy cement bricks.

Don’t Kill Your Dreams – Never Ever!

Then, one day, I woke up and realized that there is no such thing as job security. Working for myself was more secure than working with an organization that could downsize, close, or keeps me feeling dead inside. I grabbed my power back, tendered my resignation, and started living the best days of my life.
While every day hasn’t been easy, every day since I decided to believe in myself and believe in what I have been purposed to do, I’ve been happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.
From that day to this very day, I have refused to allow what people say to stop me from doing the thing I know that I am called to do. As a matter of fact, I’ve stopped giving access to people who question my sanity or worth. Instead, I now give access to other positive dreamers who understand that there is NO impossible dream.
We have to take ownership of our lives, take control of our future and take actions that will bring us the most joy. Shake off the things they have said about you. You have to know like you know as you know, that who you are is enough, that you have the power, that you are disciplined and focused enough to achieve your goals, and to know that failure isn’t final so you’re resilient enough to stand and try again.
What would happen, if you were unshackled from what they told you and do the things that you know God has called you to do?
Unstuck yourself and live the best version of your life by working for your dreams.
And don’t kill your dreams.