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To enhance workforce competency and innovation across industries by delivering cutting-edge, customized learning solutions that meet evolving market needs.


Through our dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to our client’s success, we aspire to be recognized as a trusted partner in the professional development domain.

We envision a future where our impact extends far beyond the confines of the classroom, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-changing world.


Our company strives to be a beacon of innovation, offering cutting-edge training programs that anticipate and address the evolving needs of the workforce. We envision a dynamic learning environment where creativity, collaboration, and continuous improvements are fostered.

We envision a world where every individual has access to high-quality training and development opportunities that propel them toward success.

We are committed to providing personalized learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles and preferences.

Trailblazer Award Winner | Bahamas

People call Duquesa Life Coach, Trainer, Mentor, and so on. But in simpler words, she is someone who takes great pride and pleasure in helping others make progress in their lives.

She has helped thousands of individuals and brands to craft & achieve their goals. She can be your guide to go from where you are to the place you dream of being.

Toastmasters International Convention 2023 by Duquesa Dean

Helping Organizations Raise the Bar

Duquesa’s corporate clients often speak of her creativity and her ability to transform minds. Duquesa facilitates workshops such as the Award Winning Customer Service Training, Elevate Your Leadership/Excelling as a First Time Supervisor, Advanced Leadership Masterclass, Personal & Professional Branding, and Vision & Strategy. Duquesa is no ordinary trainer. She is skilled at connecting with the participants which lead to active and engaging sessions. She shares her experiences and provides safe nonjudgmental spaces for the participants in the session. Duquesa often uses the back door approaches with her messages which allow participants to discover the What’s In It For Me Principle.

What We Offer

Explore the best-in-class corporate training programs.

1. The Award Winning Customer Service Training

By mastering the art of exceptional service, you’ll delight your customers, foster loyalty, and turn them into brand advocates. Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend your business to others, driving revenue growth and long-term success. Empowered employees who feel confident in their abilities are happier and more engaged, leading to a positive work environment and higher productivity.

2. First Time Supervisor Training

Attending a First Time Supervisor Training is a pivotal step for new supervisors that can dramatically influence their effectiveness and success in their new role. This training provides a solid foundation in essential leadership skills, such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, which are crucial for a new supervisor’s success. Participants learn strategies for managing diverse teams, understanding team dynamics, and fostering a collaborative, productive work environment.

3. The Leadership Masterclass

Even experienced managers and leaders can greatly benefit from attending a leadership masterclass. These advanced programs are designed not just to brush up on existing skills but to challenge and expand a leader’s capacity in various dynamic ways. Here are a few reasons why seasoned professionals should consider enrolling: Leadership masterclasses often focus on navigating change in today’s fast-paced business environment, providing insights into emerging trends and the agility needed to pivot strategies effectively. This training delves into complex aspects of leadership that go beyond the basics, such as emotional intelligence, strategic foresight, and transformative leadership, which are crucial for leading in uncertain times.

4. Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership focuses on building leaders who are self-aware, genuine, and transparent, fostering trust and integrity within their organizations. Authentic leadership is linked to long-term personal and professional success and fulfillment. Leaders who align their actions with their true selves are more likely to experience sustained satisfaction in their roles and make a lasting impact on their organizations. The Authentic Leadership Workshop offers a comprehensive approach to developing leaders who are genuine, moral, and effective. By fostering authenticity, leaders can create more transparent, engaged, and high-performing teams and organizations.

5. The Proficient Supervisor Training

Attending the Proficient Supervisor Training program can be incredibly beneficial for supervisors at any stage of their career. Supervisors are required to make decisions that affect their team and projects daily. The Proficient Supervisor Training can sharpen these skills, ensuring decisions are made swiftly and effectively, with a positive impact on outcomes. Beyond acquiring new skills, this training encourages self-reflection, helping supervisors understand their leadership style, strengths, and areas for improvement. Attending the Proficient Supervisor Training can be a transformative experience, equipping supervisors with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead their teams effectively, adapt to and manage change, and contribute to the organization’s success.

6. Judgement & Decision Making

Participating in the Judgment & Decision Making training program can be incredibly beneficial for employees at all levels, offering a myriad of advantages that can significantly improve their performance, productivity, and contribution to the organization. The core aim of this training is to equip employees with the tools and techniques needed to make well-informed and effective decisions. This is crucial for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace and can lead to better outcomes for the organization. Judgment and decision-making training emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, helping participants to analyze situations more deeply, question assumptions, and consider multiple perspectives before making decisions.

7. Time Management

Learning effective time management techniques allows employees to complete tasks more efficiently and produce higher-quality work within deadlines. This boost in productivity can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduced stress. Time Management training teaches employees how to distinguish between urgent and important tasks. Understanding how to prioritize tasks ensures that they focus on activities that align with their goals and the organization’s objectives, leading to more meaningful and impactful work. With the skills to manage their time effectively, employees can finish work tasks within designated hours, reducing the need for overtime. This balance between professional and personal life contributes to overall well-being and job satisfaction.

8. Developing Effective Communication Skills

Employees learn to convey their ideas and messages more clearly and concisely, reducing misunderstandings and improving efficiency in the workplace. Effective communication is key to building and maintaining positive relationships at work. This training helps employees navigate diverse personalities and work styles, fostering a more harmonious workplace environment. When team members communicate effectively, collaboration improves. This training equips employees with the skills to express their ideas, give and receive feedback constructively, and work together more cohesively towards common goals.

9. Driving Team Success

This seminar provides insights and strategies for fostering collaboration among team members, breaking down silos, and promoting a culture of mutual support and respect and can help clarify team goals, roles, and responsibilities, ensuring that every team member understands their contribution to overall success. Learning conflict resolution techniques equips team members with the skills to address disagreements constructively, minimizing disruptions and maintaining team cohesion. A focus on driving team success can instill a sense of purpose and motivation among employees, leading to increased engagement and morale. Attending the “Driving Team Success” training seminar can equip employees with the skills, mindset, and tools necessary to work effectively together, overcome challenges, and achieve outstanding results as a cohesive team.

10. Culture Building Strategies

Culture plays a crucial role in achieving organizational goals. Attending this workshop can help leaders understand how to shape and align the organizational culture with strategic objectives. A positive work culture fosters higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. Leaders can learn strategies to create a culture where employees feel valued, motivated, and committed to the organization’s mission. A strong culture can drive improved performance and productivity. Leaders can discover techniques to create an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and high-performance teamwork. Overall, leaders who attend the Culture Building Strategies workshop can gain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to create a thriving organizational culture that drives performance, fosters innovation, and enhances employee engagement and satisfaction.

11. Executive Assistants Training

The workshop provides opportunities to develop and enhance essential skills and competencies specific to the role of an executive assistant, such as organizational skills, time management, communication, and problem-solving abilities. Executive Assistants will learn best practices and strategies for managing tasks, schedules, and priorities effectively, executive assistants can increase their efficiency and productivity, ultimately benefiting the executive and the organization as a whole. Executive assistants gain a deeper understanding of the needs, preferences, and expectations of the executives they support, enabling them to anticipate and proactively address their requirements.

12. Workplace Diversity

Diversity training helps employees gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, fostering empathy and respect for others. By educating employees on the value of diversity and inclusion, training programs promote a sense of belonging and create a welcoming environment where everyone feels respected and valued. Diversity training aims to address unconscious bias and stereotypes that may impact decision-making, hiring practices, and workplace interactions, helping employees recognize and mitigate these biases. The Workplace Diversity Training is essential for creating an inclusive, respectful, and supportive work environment where all employees can thrive and contribute to the organization’s success.

Honored and humbled to receive the 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗹𝗯𝗹𝗮𝘇𝗲𝗿 𝗔𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗱 from Healing Communicators Toastmasters Club 7178, presented by none other than the Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, DTM Philip E. Davis, KC. 🏆
Making history as the first ever to deliver a Toast Talk at the annual Toastmasters International Convention. 🎤

Grateful for this recognition and excited to continue inspiring others on their journey of personal and professional growth.

Breaking New Grounds

Out With Old, In With New

5 Ways To Boost Your Customer Experience Strategy

Businesses must disrupt traditional customer service models and focus on building a customer-centric approach that prioritizes the overall customer experience. By developing a customer-centric strategy, leveraging data analytics, empowering employees, implementing self-service options, and building strong relationships with customers, businesses can create a strong customer experience that drives customer loyalty and business growth.

What Business Owners Think About Duquesa Dean

Erika Cooke (Owner/President)

Mrs. Duquesa Dean founder of DDOGC Consultant Solutions helped our stores to develop a customer-first strategy at Girls Will Be Girls and Discounts Galore. 

With her amazing, rock-solid training she helped us create an outstanding customer-focused culture and helped customize marketing events for us with evidence-based skills that make a difference.  To us building corporate value is her expertise. Whether challenged to launch the start-up of a new business unit or product or to introduce marketing programs for repositioning or branding purposes, she helped us to achieve results.

Duquesa strengths lie in customer service and in her ability to conceive and implement the strategic marketing plans to identify new market opportunities. She can initiate product and service introductions, and negotiate strategic partnerships to drive market expansion and help with revenue growth. Most recently, her challenge for us was to help expand and strengthen market presence. She has creativity to drive forward competitive positioning and she’s highly appreciated and recommended as a customer service leader and marketing specialist.  Duquesa has exceeded our Companies expectations and have further advance the visibility of Girls Will Be Girls and Discounts Galore.

Simmone L. Bowe (Leadership Coach & HR Strategist)

It is a pleasure when you can know and interact with someone over a long period of time and that experience is consistently high. This is my view and assessment of Ms. Duquesa Dean, someone whom I have had the privilege of knowing and working with for over 5 years.

Our paths crossed in various circles – in youth development, corporate training, keynote speaking, and cancer support/philanthropy. I had the benefit of engaging Duquesa as a leadership trainer during my tenure at the SLS Hotel at Baha Mar. She did a few leadership development workshops and got favorable reviews from our leaders. Duquesa was well-prepared, organized, dynamic, and interactive.

I strongly recommend Duquesa Dean for your corporate training needs. If you need more information, feel free to contact me directly.

Joulle Dawkins (Learning and Development Manager)

Ms. Duquesa Dean’s presentation on “Diving into Your Leadership DNA” left a lasting impression on our team of leaders, and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a passionate and knowledgeable presenter. Her insights, coupled with her ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and conviction, make her an invaluable asset to any organization or team.

What Business Employees Think About Duquesa Dean

Employee: Sawyer’s Studio

Monalisa Barr – my experience with the Award Winning Customer Service Training was exceptional. I learned the full scope of being an exceptional customer service representative. I was made aware that customer experience is a brand and it’s personal. Listening and communicating with customers is a must!

Charles Sawyer III – The Award Winning Customer Service Training was an engaging and interactive experience. The information presented proved to be quite valuable. The role play experience was especially useful as it gave participants an opportunity to relate to various situations that occur in the workplace.

SMG Bahamas – Cruze Gilbert

Working in Accounts and having had many positions in management I thought I didn’t need the training. There was however lots of self-reflection and a big intervention towards things I naturally overlooked. What I learned is that there is no limit to improving one’s self. A top tier training.

Virgo Car Rental

Ameila Sawyer – The lesson with Mrs. Dean really reminded me and opened my mind to the fact that everyone is human and facing their own problems. We must always treat others with the same respect that we would want them to give us. Be yourself but be professional when dealing with clients. I learned new ways to be patient and how to properly deal with various types of customers. This Award Winning Customer Service Training was informative and refreshing. I learned a lot.

Bahamas Welding and Fire Jonay

The training is one that I will remember and put into practice. It was informative. I learned new ways of dealing with customers and it helped me to now look at each customer with a different perspective. I am very glad that I came.

The Nail Lounge

Today’s Customer Service Training was informative, detailed, fun, interactive and helpful. Mrs. Dean touched on many subjects and pointers that are essential for exceptional customer service. Mrs. Dean is memorable and I would recommend all employees attend this training.

Trusted. Loved. Honored.

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Certified by IBCT

DD certified

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