Best Self-Help & Wellbeing Books

Start Living, Quit Apologizing

While the difficult experiences of our lives may lead us to believe that our dreams are not possible, a mindset shift is what allows us to see that these very experiences are what we can use as a foundation to build our best lives.The Evolving Woman is a twenty-one-day devotional, that addresses many of the significant hurdles women face as they pursue their dreams and goals.As a result of reading this book AND taking action on the principles, women are able to release pain/trauma from the past, identify the power that lies within them, visualize and create their best lives.

Sister Stand Up Again

Duquesa shares her journey to reclaiming her power and creating the life she dreamed about. She outlines six steps that every woman can take to reclaim her power and stand up again. Today the life Duquesa leads is barely recognizable from the life she lived fifteen years ago. Duquesa was determined to reclaim her power and to create a life for herself and her family that would pull them away from making poor decisions, provide them with the tools they needed to create better relationships, to plan effectively and to live authentically. In Sister Stand Up Again, Duquesa shares how she moved from the place of brokenness to a place of abundance and gratitude. There are 6 crucial areas she focuses on – all that lead to fulfillment and leading a purpose driven life.

Plan. Prepare. Jump.

Bruised But Not Broken is a 21-day journey designed to help women overcome traumatic experiences in order to live their best lives. The daily journey focuses on self-discovery and inner healing. It encourages the reader to reflect, to be introspective and to create a blueprint to follow in order to achieve their dreams. Ultimately the message is that despite the challenges you may face, you can overcome them and live an abundantly successful life.

Make Your Lifelong Dreams Come True

The book Chase Your Dreams is a 6-step plan to help you start following your dreams. The chapters are full of advice, tips and suggestions on the best methods to use to accomplish your goals. It is a thought provoking book that helps readers to utilize their creativity and passion to create a master plan to follow in order to achieve their dreams.

The Evolving Women - Affirmation Guide

As a result of reading this affirmation journey, AND of taking action on the principles, women are able to release pain/trauma from the past, identify the power that lies within them, visualize and create their best lives. It is my belief, that once the mind can conceive "it" or visual "it", the heart can engage with "it" and once the heart engages with "it", we can become that thing or achieve that thing.

Readers' Rich Reviews


This book easily allows its reader to identify with the same situations and helps the reader to understand every experience in life serves a purpose in becoming a thriving, successful loving individual.
- Virgil P. Burrows


By drawing in the reader, the book facilitates a platform for profound self-reflection; the reader is able to compare and contrast their own experiences with that of the author drawing meaningful conclusions.
- Ricquelle Leadon


Prepare to be inspired, regardless of the circumstances in your life. This book provides the framework to help women bounce back from setbacks. Additionally, this book also assists with personal growth through its respective exercises. Highly recommended.
- Zekinda Thompson


Bruised But NOT Broken gave me an intimate view into the writer's life and I was able to make real connections to the stories shared. The daily reflections gave me reasons to pause and challenged me to deal with lots of things that I've been neglecting over the years.
- Paulette D. Arthur