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People's favorite life coach life mentor professional trainer - Duquesa Dean

People call Duquesa Life Coach, Trainer, Mentor, and so on. But in simpler words, she is someone who takes great pride and pleasure in helping others make progress in their lives.

She is known for her story about thriving against the odds. After a near-death experience and devastating hardships, abusive relationships, and listening to everyone but herself she realized the powerful process of inner-evolution and the beauty of living authentically.

She has helped thousands of women achieve their goals by boldly claiming their purpose and living fulfilling lives. That’s how she knows, it is possible for you to be consistent and achieve your goals no matter what you’ve been through! She can be your guide to go from where you are to the place you dream of being.

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It was never easy for anyone who wished to raise the bar, who demonstrated the courage to keep moving forward despite the odds, who promised themselves that they would become a success story one day. But as difficult as it may seem, with the right support it can turn out to be easy, eventually, gradually, and happily.

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Duquesa Dean Reviews


Duquesa, you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for leading me to know how to start my blueprint and to work on it. You are helping me to pull out the greatness I know is within me. I am looking at my notes and notice that it was 2 months ago I was inspired by you to have a blueprint to work along with. Dec. 12, 2020. lam on my way on improving myself. 20lbs down from January to March 3. My business is building. That Blue Print is so important.



The course really allowed me to develop some solid blueprints to use instead of waking up and thinking I don't really know exactly what to do today. I was able to clarify my vision, mission & values for my personal life but also for my business. It is one thing to have a business plan but the course helped to break down that business plan into everyday action steps that gave me more direction. I felt like I had more control of my life and my destiny after taking this course.



For me, the most impactful part of participating in the goal setting workshop was learning how to plan ahead starting with the end in mind. I had an idea of where I wanted to be a few years from now but with Duquesa's help, I gained more clarity and was able to create a five year action plan. As a result of taking action on my blueprint I expanded my business by adding two new products because I'd done the research, mapped out the plan and laser in on the requirements. With the uncertainty of how it would all play out removed, I was bold enough to take action



I lost all the hope in life to be honest. It was a matter of time and my luck that I found Duquesa. She not only helped me in getting back to my neutral state but I was also able to fly sky high by just following the blueprint course guide with full discipline. I want to thanks Duquesa for being such a genuine mentor. I would recommend the ultimate unstuck bundle course to anyone facing mental health issues and some severe stagnancy in life. Trust me, this does work and works really well. All you have to do is to do what is assigned to you, without any procrastination.


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