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Sister Stand UpAgain
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Bruised But Not BrokenEmbark on a 21 day journey
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Chase Your DreamsThe 6 step plan guide

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April 14, 2020
Blog 934

The Power Of Job Stability

Is there such a thing as job security? I pondered this question for some time as I considered leaving the stability of my corporate job to step full time into my training business. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that job security is really a…
September 11, 2019
Blog 626

Flawless and Fabulous

As I sat in the lobby of this business establishment listening to the various client interactions both by phone and in person, I started to smile. I smiled because they were getting so many of the service concepts right. As a customer service professional, it…

The Rewards Far Outweigh The Costs

Blog 684
In the words of John C Maxwell, talent is not enough. Yes, having talent is a good…

Sister, The Love You Long For..........

Blog 921
Yes yes I know. We’ve been conditioned from very young to seek someone to complete us. As…

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