Duquesa helps women evolve into the women they were born to be and step into the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Duquesa is a Certified Public Speaker, Published Author, Mother of two Bahamas Beach lover who Coaches & trains employees in the corporate world as WELL AS provides Professional Development and Personal Develop Coaching.

She’s  worked with women from the USA, Caribbean, United Kingdom, France, and more. Duquesa is passionate about this work because as a teen and even in her adult life, she often felt inept and longed for the support of other women to help her grow and develop her talent.

She’s worked with leading businesses in the Bahamas such as The Central Bank of the Bahamas, Bahamar, Deltec Bank & Trust, BAF Financial, Going Places Travel, The Bahamas Development Bank, Nassau Airport Development Company, Colina General Insurance and so many more.

Life is pretty good now but it wasn’t always picture perfect or easy.  She has transformed her life rising from the burnt ashes of:

  1. Troubled Teen Years
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Purposeless jobs
  4. Near Suicide Attempt

Using the experiences of her past, she helps women evolve into the women they were created to be.  She knows firsthand how it feels to be obligated to the rules of family, society, and friends all while feeling unfulfilled.  Her passion to free them from the shackles of the past and from the “what will other people think” syndrome led her to become certified in coaching women.

As a result of challenges during her teenage years, she birth a non-profit organization Transition Mentorship Program to with children and teens ages 8 to 18 to help them build self-esteem, personal character, leadership skills as well as social skills. The children, teens, and young adults love these programs which help to strengthen their skills and lead them to become more skilled and confident in life.

Duquesa is president of a women’s cancer support group, building on the legacy left by her mother who started the group prior to her death in 2017. The Gennie Dean Caring and Sharing Cancer Support Group supports women cancer patients, survivors, and caretakers navigate the journey with cancer.  She believes and advocates for early detection and prevention.

Duquesa Dean has also created a movement, The Evolving Woman, which helps women identify and build on #ThePowerOfHer. The Evolving Woman TV is a part of this movement.  This web-based TV show inspires and motivates women to #elevate their lives.  She produces The Evolving Woman Magazine which is another medium by which women inspire other women by sharing their experiences, their success stories as well as how they overcame challenging situations.  Women need to know that they are not alone and many of the experiences they have are not isolated to them alone.

Who would have thought that the broken experiences of Duquesa’s life, would allow her the opportunity to help other women emerge from the darkness of their past much like a butterfly does from its cocoon – transformed into a beautiful light!