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The Power Of Job Stability & Job Security

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Is there such a thing as job security? I pondered this question for some time as I considered leaving the stability of my corporate job to step full-time into my training business. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that job security is really a myth.

Growing up, I’d hear Bahamian parents encouraging their children to apply for government jobs because they provided security. Now, in truth, here in the Bahamas, a full-time job with the government usually meant until death does us part or until the employee wanted to resign.

Jobs in government come with challenges that often time lead to job dissatisfaction and stunt upward mobility. I often wondered if it was worth the trade-off.

The truth is there is no indispensable employee and there is no job security. Private companies can make sweeping job cuts or downsize whenever they need to. Positions can be made redundant and the only obligation an employer has is to pay whatever the law dictates.

So, if job security is a myth, is there any form of security? The answer is yes!

What is Job Stability & Job Security?

Job stability is the new job security. “Job stability is the ability to make a living in your field through various means.” According to Dorie Clark, Professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, “The secret to thriving in the future, he says, is “‘learning to learn.’ What you ‘know’ doesn’t matter nearly as much as your ability to learn new things and apply those to new scenarios and environments.”

How powerful is that! 

As employees, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations, etc. we can reinvent ourselves and our businesses to stay on the cutting edge. Employees who constantly reinvent themselves have the following traits:

·        They show up to give their best performance each day. (Reliable)

·        They are leaders but also team players.

·        They are willing to contribute to the common good of the team.

·        They are solution oriented.

·        They are adaptable/not afraid of change

·        They are organized.

·        They stay on a journey of continuous growth and development.

·        They are coachable.

·        They listen to others.

·        They are positive influencers.

·        They are results oriented.

·        They do more than is expected of them

·        They are honest.

·        They communicate well.

When businesses choose to or are forced to downsize, they want to retain employees who have most of the attributes above. These attributes are easy to define but they are hard to find qualities.

As we face a new norm, coming out of COVID-19, many of us will be reinventing ourselves and our businesses.

Many businesses will find themselves reinventing with fewer employees than they closed with at the start of the quarantine.

How will they determine who will remain on staff?

First preference will be given to the employees who match most of the criteria above. They will want a team of people who can be flexible with them as they forge a new way ahead. Not every employee fits this criterion and those that do will be given first preference.

The employee or business who wants stability knows that they must stand out as best in the field, not just in expertise, but well-rounded and strongly branded.

Duquesa D. Dean is a Certified Corporate Trainer, Speaker, and a Transformation Coach. She is an Associate Trainer with the International Board of Certified Trainers and a certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

Duquesa is the author of three books “Chase Your Dreams”, “Sister, Stand Up Again & “Bruised But Not Broken”.

To book Duquesa, email or call 242-424-6012