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Do You Want To Achieve Your 2023 Goals?

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We are about to enter the year 2023 soon!!!

Can you believe it?

Are you ready for it?

Early in the year or just before a year ends, we sit and think about what we would like to achieve.  We’re taught this from a young and it’s become a ritual we participate in annually.

You know, when I first started writing out my goals (which is one of the first steps to achieving them) that is all I pretty much did.

I wrote out what I wanted to achieve and then throughout the year I would try to figure out how to achieve them as the final few months of the year came into view, I pressured myself to get it all done. Crazy right?

Back then I didn’t achieve as many of them as I do now and it wasn’t because I was overzealous, it was because I didn’t create a proper plan to ensure I was able to make the goals a reality.

A Setback is a Setup for Comeback

As you reflect on the past 8 days, how have you worked towards achieving those goals?  Have you been able to stay on track?  As the year progresses and time moves ahead, it’s easy to lose sight of our goals.

I’d like to share the resource below with you to help you be more successful this year than any previous year.

Now the resource provides the tips for you however the WORK of achieving the goals has to be done by… you guessed it – You.

Action is what will make those goals a reality.  My coach shared with me recently that action is the anecdote for despair.  So even when you are feeling like you’re not making progress or that you can’t do it, follow the plan and take action.

That’s why the plan is so important. Action plans are all the steps needed to achieve the goal with timelines attached to them.

Don’t just write goals; create action plans. Then keep them visible.  Keeping them visible helps to keep you focused on them.  This could be done by completing a vision board or by using a whiteboard to write your goals on.  Then place the board in a location where you will see it multiple times a day.

As you begin to achieve the smaller segments of the goal and begin to cross them off, you will be encouraged by the small steps you achieved and the momentum you created all of which will lead you to accomplish the overall goal. A huge benefit of doing this is that the big goal won’t seem so overwhelming.

Remember to celebrate your success.  Every time you achieve a portion of the goal stop and have a celebration for yourself.

Get Ready for 2023!

​2013 is your year.  It will be what you make it. If you follow the tips, create the action plan, lay the foundation, work the plan, bounce back when you experience setbacks, and stay in action, you’ll achieve at least 80% of your goals.

I’m rooting for you!  Believe then achieve.


Duquesa D. Dean