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Are Your Friends Really Your Friends?

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Dear Friend,

Is it okay if I call you that?  I term you my friend because I have a vested interest in helping you to live your best life. What if all of your friends had the same interest?  Where do you think your life would be today if those you called friends really lived up to the word?

What if they had encouraged you to pursue your passions?
What if they had called you out on your excuses?
What if they had invested in your dreams?
What if they had helped you to overcome challenges or picked you up and dusted you off when you fell?
What if they had provided opportunities for you instead of blocking you?

WOW!  That sure is a lot of what-ifs!

People who are vested in your success do more than talk.  I challenge you to inspect your friendships and in particular the people you hold closest to you.  Are they following the laws of the inner circle?  The law of the inner circle states that a person’s potential is determined by those closest to them.  This may have sparked your interest and you may be asking what those laws are.  Well here they are:

  1. Do they have a high influence on others? Are they using that influence to help position you?
  2. Do they bring a complimentary gift to the table? Are they utilizing their strengths to live passionately or are they allowing themselves to become stale?
  3. Do they hold a strategic position? Are they using their connections to advance themselves and being strategic about their next moves? Success takes intentional action. As they grow you should also be growing.
  4. Do they add value to you? Some people actually subtract. There are people who are so focused on taking they forget to give.  Are your relationships balanced?
  5. Do they positively impact you? Are they living with the glass half full? People who are negative all the time have lost hope that life can be better. Don’t allow them to transfer that negativity to you and cause you to become hopeless. 

Are Friends Really Friends?

It’s almost the last quarter of the year; the time to give your best and final push to end strong. Inspect your circle and make sure that it is helping you to move in the direction of your dreams and that those you call friends who you have placed in your boat are rowing with not against you. You always have the right to drop from and add to your circle as necessary. Don’t allow blind loyalty to keep you attached to those not vested in your growth and in your success!

Duquesa D. Dean