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Build Your Authority: Stop Feeding Your Ego Through External Attachments

📺Welcome Fam,

Today, we’re talking about “Gorgeous Goals” and “How to Build Your Authority”

Whether you’re aiming to climb the corporate ladder, willing to lose weight, or scaling up your business, authority is essential for advancement.

To be clear, this is not a generic goal-setting exercise. I’m advocating for ALIGNED AUTHORITY.

Those of you who attended the Evolving Woman Summit will know that there are cases when you have to forgo your values to catch up and prove your expertise.

Let me explain:

We all have attachments.

We are very attached to our job, position, economic or relationship status, etc. These attachments feed our egos. By doing this, we are giving away our power.

Did You Know?

  • How have you given away your power and to whom?
  • Who you actually are?
  • What if you lose those attachments? You lost your job, status, or relations, then, at the core of you, who are you?
  • When people interact with you, what do they feel?

When you are dependent upon external validation, you dive into performance-based love from the outer world. During this, you forgot that your inner world is the most important of all worlds.

When we are internally motivated, accept ourselves, and don’t need external validation, we hold and maintain our power.

When we stand in our power, we have got authority over our lives.

Start creating boundaries that protect your vision and dreams.

Be at peace with your mind and soul.

👉I have come up with some unique tools and resources that will help you in your personal, emotional, and professional development.

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