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Are You Loving Yourself Unconditionally?

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The other day, I was having a conversation with a young lady. I was really impressed by her belief in herself and what she deserves.
We were talking about how women settle in relationships which is usually because of the pressure from society, families, and the unrealistic expectations movies and romance novels set them up to believe.
Men and women alike, seek someone to complete them. Oftentimes, we don’t believe we are loveable unless someone else is loving us. It’s like their love is proof that we are enough.
This is the reason many of us settle for partners who don’t meet our needs. We accept behaviors, swallow and shrink, as well as make excuses for why our mates don’t meet our CORE needs.
Please allow me to dispel this myth. You are enough on your own. You don’t need anyone to complete you. You are loveable, regardless of what anyone has said about you, regardless of whether your foundation was nurtured properly as a child, and regardless of whether you were mistreated or abused by those who should have loved you.
They taught you that you needed something outside of yourself to be fulfilled. I’m here to tell you that everything you need is already inside of you.
I’ve been there; unhappy in relationships but smiling to project an image. I’ve been there, unsatisfied with the amount of affection, time, and attention being given to me but still working hard to get whomever I was dating at the time, to give me more. During these times, I felt frustrated, unhappy, and empty.
It took a near-death experience for me to wake up and realize that Whitney Houston was really onto something when she sang about the greatest love of all. I’ve found the greatest love of all inside of me.
#gamechanger when I started truly loving myself, I chose better partners. When I started loving myself, I realized that releasing a red flag dude was not a loss, it was actually a gain. I felt fulfilled, happy, and satisfied consistently – it was no longer conditional on who loved me back.
We make the mistake of giving our power away so easily because we want to be loved.
What would your life be like, if you loved yourself, the way you want someone else to love you?

Keep Loving Yourself Unconditionally!

You are complete. You are enough. You are worthy. You are deserving. These are not conditional on anyone else loving you.