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Has there been a time when you were on the receiving end of bad service?  During that encounter did you consider whether you would do business with that organization again? 

When we have substandard or poor customer service experiences, we associate unhappy emotions with that place of business.  When we are unhappy we tend to avoid the people and/or places that create those emotions inside of us.

As a business owner or executive, have you considered the cost of not providing customer service training for the people employed to deliver excellent customer service to your customers? 

Have they been provided with a model to follow that can help them to provide great service that aligns with your organization’s mission, vision and goals?  Have you provided a model they can follow to resolve customer complaints or how to handle difficult customers?

Customer retention is too important to leave to chance.  Employees come from different backgrounds, have different values from each other and it is a disservice to the organization to leave it up to them to decide how they will handle your customers.

Did you know that it “costs five times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to retain the current ones?”

Did  you know that “seventy nine percent (79%) of customers who had a bad experience told others about it?”  You know how quickly word of mouth spreads.

Did you know that “eighty two (82%) percent of customers stopped doing business with an organization due to poor customer experiences?”

And, did you know that a business only typically “hears from four (4%) of disgruntled customers?"

As business owners, we must consider the cost of poor customer service and then ensure that the people who are the face of our business also understand these costs and how they impact them. 

When people understand the "what’s in it for me" principle, they are more inclined to act.  The "what’s in it for me" for the employee is to continue to be employed and to live the lifestyle a job affords them. 

The reality is without the customer, whether in person or online, there can be no jobs nor can they be a business to operate.

Have you considered the cost?


Duquesa D. Dean is a Certified Trainer, Speaker and a Transformation Coach. She is an Associate Trainer with the International Board of Certified Trainers and has over 20 years experience in the customer service field. She coaches organizations large and small to lift their service levels and offers a unique style of customer service training. Duquesa is the author of three books "Chase Your Dreams", "Sister, Stand Up Again & "Bruised But Not Broken".

To book Duquesa, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 242-424-6012

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It was the Fall of 2015. I vividly recall that hot summer afternoon. We were sitting in the den. I’d just walked into the cool air-conditioned room and felt the perspiration begin to evaporate off of my skin. My mentor was sitting behind his desk writing on a yellow legal pad.

He looked up and said “you’re ready”. My mind began to race. Ready? Ready for what I wondered. I glanced at him with what I am sure was a confused look. He laughed and said you’re ready to create your future.

Now at this point, I thought yup the guy has gone completely insane. Create the future? It was such a foreign concept to me.  I thought that life just happened. Yes I wrote New Year’s resolutions. Don’t we all? It was a ritual that was actually enjoyable. Yet by February of the new year, those resolutions were forgotten and life was back to being random. Amazing how that happens huh?

My mentor and I begin the process of creating my success blueprint. In 2015 we created the plan for my future. The future that I am living today. This blueprint set me right up for success. Did I believe it would work back then? Absolutely not. Did it work? It sure did.

As we outlined my vision, my values and goals, my mentor reminded me that without a guiding light (vision) my life would continue to be a random accumulation of events. We don’t look at it that way though. We just believe that we are living and taking it one day at a time. We believe that we will win and if we lose we’ll just be resilient, bounce up and continue “living”.

Outlining my vision was the first step. Without the vision for my life, I could not create goals that would allow me to live my life’s purpose. We identified the core values I needed in order to live my vision and then we created the goals that aligned with my vision for my life. As simple as this sounds, how many of us actually do this?

It’s a pretty long story and this blog doesn’t really allow time to get into all of the details. Maybe I’ll write a book about it. Thanks for that thought.

The short of the long story is that after we’d done all that work creating my “ideal” future, my mentor advised me the plan would be useless if I didn’t put action behind it. 

The true success would come as a result of executing the plan. He challenged me to do something with this new "me" resolution and to build the life of my dreams.

I was scared. In my mind, thoughts like “girl you sure this is what you want”, “girl you aren’t worthy of this”, “what if you fail?”, “this will be so much work” and many more were bouncing around. These thoughts had me frightened so much so that I doubted myself for a short period of time.

BUT……… I was ready! It had taken years of work to heal my brokenness and this was the very next step.

I took action. One of my current life coaches always shares with me that "Action is the antidote for fear". She is so correct. Fear holds us back. Action inspires us.

Fast forward to today, the plan my mentor and I completed in 2015 for my future worked. 

Yes there were some modifications along the way because the plan can’t be inflexible. It changes as conditions change BUT it’s core is the same.

Today, I am the product of a thoroughly created and well executed plan.  We can achieve our dreams. We can do the impossible things. We can overcome challenges. We can live brilliantly. We can learn new skills. We can do and be anything we want to. We can be all that God created us to be. 

We can create our future.

Plan. Execute. Achieve.

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