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Piecing Together What Was Broken by Dahlia Williamson | Healing from a Broken Heart

You find yourself enduring the pain from a person who mishandled your trust. You’ve given your mind and body to someone who has left you feeling empty. You reflect on all the time that was lost, and now you’re frustrated and angry with a  broken heart.

Healing from a broken heart is like a self-rehabilitation process that you must complete in order to repair the scars from a failed relationship.

The recovery period is not an overnight process, nor a perfect one. However, in order to move on in life and have other healthy relationships, it’s imperative to heal from the broken ones.

Most individuals who suffer from a broken heart wish for the pain to disappear, but focus their attention on the pain instead of the recovery process. I mean this is expected, given that human beings have the tendency to be emotional. But I am here to help you navigate your way through the healing process.  Here are four practical ways to heal.

  1. Grieve – Allow yourself to feel your feelings

It’s okay to grieve after losing the relationship you poured into. Anything or anyone that has consumed your time and emotions can affect your psychological well-being. Grieving the loss of a relationship is healthy. Holding in the hurt can cause more harm to yourself and others. Some people feel comfortable crying alone or with others.  Either option is okay. Do what works best for you; just remember that you are not alone. Give yourself time to grieve, but do not stay in the grieving stage. The consequences of staying here too long can lead to depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues.

  1. Forgive

This step seems impossible for a few. Some people believe that certain actions are unforgivable, such as infidelity in a relationship or physical and emotional abuse. Though these acts are indeed horrible circumstances, it is something that can be overcome through God’s strength. I can attest that not forgiving is the best way to resent the person who has hurt you. Truth is, it takes too much energy to hate someone. God desires for us to live in peace. In order to be at peace, you have to forgive the source of your pain.

  1. Surround yourself with a strong support system

Having a strong support system makes recovery a bit easier than not having one. When you surround yourself with family and friends who genuinely care about you, they would perform acts of kindness to help ease your pain. Surrounding yourself with support can allow you time to strengthen the relationships that are right in front of you while making new memories. Having a strong support system can help you refocus your attention from the hurt which can bring you a step closer to mending your broken heart.

  1. Take care of yourself and Heal the Broken Heart

When experiencing heartbreak, sometimes physical and mental health can be neglected. For example, you can find yourself not eating as much, exercising less, or developing poor hygiene habits. There’s a saying when you look good, you feel good. Take care of yourself by planning a spa or beach day filled with relaxing activities. Give yourself a new look by taking a trip to the salon or barbershop. Get dressed up and take yourself on a date.  Change your daily routines so that you can get accustomed to something different. It’s important to identify and eliminate unhealthy behaviors that can hinder you from the healing process.

Always remember that pain has an expiration date. Avoid thinking that you’re not good enough for anyone. God has made you perfect in His image which means He designed someone perfect enough for you.

Be encouraged and simply trust the process.