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I was struck this morning by this quote from Maya Angelou, “my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."  It really made me think about how I am living my life. I have always said, "I am a Survivor" and...

Created: 05 April 2021
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For centuries, society has taught us that certain people simply cannot succeed in the business world. Women have only recently reached a point where we’re beginning to be taken seriously in the workplace, and even that has a long way to go. Women with disabilities, however, are often in an even...

Created: 28 March 2021
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Recently, I keep seeing the caption—"broken crayons still colour."  But I see this phrase differently as it suggests that you're still effective in your broken state. The lie detector determines THIS IS A LIE! For a long time, I, too, subscribed to this notion that we can be broken but functional. Contrary...

Created: 21 March 2021
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The Evolving Woman Spring 2021 Edition Highlights: In this edition; "The Power of Living By Design". Springing Forward and much more. Visit the site here and view the edition.

Created: 09 March 2021
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We are all a bit guilty of allowing people to shut our dreams down. From our parents, to our siblings, to our other family members, some friends and even some romantic partners or spouses. They said things like: 1. Why you think you can do that? 2. Get a government job for security. 3. No, that...

Created: 17 January 2021
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The other day, I was having a conversation with a young lady. I was really impressed by her believe in herself and what she deserves. We were talking about how women settle in relationships which is usually because of the pressure from society, families, and from the unrealistic expectations...

Created: 15 January 2021
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The Evolving Woman Magazine: In this edition, check out our cover story, "From Homeless To Millionaire" with Grace Vandecruze. This story is interesting. Also, don't miss our 6 tips on creating the most beautiful self portraits. There's tons of other information in this edition so we will see you...

Created: 06 December 2020
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Day 9 - Letting Go   Can I tell you one of the things I find most amazing in this life? When our experience with a thing or a person is over, regardless of our resistance to it, the Creator ensures it ends.  Letting go of people and circumstances was once one of my weaknesses. I would think about how...

Created: 27 November 2020
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To some extent, most of us have fallen during 2020. For many the fall has impacted employment, and finances, and for others still, health and life.  Read more at issue.com |...

Created: 01 November 2020
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The Evolving Woman Magazine September 2020 is now available and can be viewed at Issuu.Com | duquesab.    

Created: 01 November 2020
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