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Ultimate Unstuck Bundle Duquesa is known for her story about thriving against the odds. After a near-death experience and devastating hardships, abusive relationships, and listening to everyone but herself she realized the powerful process of inner-evolution and the beauty of living authentically.She has helped over 3,000+ women achieve their goals by boldly claiming their purpose and living fulfilling lives.That’s how Duquesa knows that it is possible for you to be consistent and achieve your goals no matter what you’ve been through!Now she’s excited to share this bundle with you so you can finally master willpower and create consistent goals that feel aligned to the life you want to live! Buy Now Sister Stand Tall and Soar Duquesa understands the value in women sharing with other women. She cultivates a safe space for women to share, release, and craft their lives according to the vision they see for their future. She recognizes the power of inner revolution and as a result, guides women to be introspective as a first step toward moving from overwhelm to taking ownership of their lives. The Sister Stand Tall & Soar Program helps women to “Gain the courage to step into their joy”. Buy Now Create Your Success Blueprint Digital Course Duquesa believes that a personal vision statement is a guide to a fulfilling life.  Your vision for your life should direct every step you take and every decision you make for your life.  She helps women be innovative and creative as they craft their success blueprints.  The Create Your Success Blueprint – a digital self-guided course helps to transform mindsets and guides women to create a step-by-step plan to identify and accomplish their dreams. Buy Now The Evolving Woman Six Month Coaching Course & Women’s Retreat Evolution is a process of rising above and thriving in the world.  As we evolve, we begin to master areas of our lives and find solutions that help us to #elevate higher. The Evolving Woman Six Month Group Coaching Course is for the woman reevaluating what matters in life. She learns that difficult situations fuel your growth.  In this coaching course, women learn how to achieve what appears to be “impossible goals” and create a guide to a purposeful future. Duquesa helps women stop giving away little pieces of themselves away, making everyone else happy while they are empty inside.  During this six month coaching program, women learn how to put themselves back together and to elevate their lives.  She recognizes that women adapt faster when they have support from someone who has been there and knows the way out.  She knows that women need a safe space to express their emotions while finding solutions.  She knows that with a connection with an encouraging community women can evolve Buy Now Corporate Training/Staff Professional Development Duquesa’s corporate clients often speak of her creativity and her ability to transform minds. Duquesa facilitates workshops such as the Award Winning Customer Service Training, Elevate Your Leadership/Excelling as a First Time Supervisor, Advanced Leadership Masterclass, Personal & Professional Branding, and Vision & Strategy.  Duquesa is no ordinary trainer.  She is skilled at connecting with the participants which lead to active and engaging sessions.  She shares her experiences and provides safe nonjudgmental spaces for the participants in the session.  Duquesa often uses the back door approaches with her messages which allow participants to discover the What’s In It For Me Principle. Let’s Discuss Speaker & Support As a speaker, Duquesa is known for her personable and engaging style.  She draws her audience into the speaking experience as she vividly shares stories to inspire, motivate and activate her audiences.  She is a highly sought-after speaker who expertly shares on Personal Brand Development, Career Development, Enhancing Customer Service Levels, and all things related to women’s empowerment.  Schedule Free Consultation Self-Help & Wellbeing Books Explore Now