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Where Did It Come From?

And just like that December arrives.  Where did it come from?  Good question but I guarantee you it didn’t sneak up on us.  It’s been coming all year.  Why is this significant?  It’s significant because December is the final month of the calendar year which basically means the current year is wrapping up and the New Year is fast approaching.

Every year it seems we get caught off guard when December arrives.  You often hear the words “It’s December already” or “Wow look how quickly the year has flown by.”  For me personally it’s been a whirlwind kind of a year!  As I reflect on some of the unforeseen circumstances, relating to building my business, the life challenges that I faced consistently and the unexpected death of my mom, I am even more convinced that having a plan to follow when life throws you curve balls is a vital tool to have if you want to be successful. 

We face situations in our lives that can break us, slow us down or stop us.  Being prepared to keep holding on to the bullhorns requires intentional action and shouldn’t be left to chance.  Over the course of the 12 months in any year it is realistic to expect challenges, delays and setbacks.  Having your game plan ready will keep you poised to be resilient and ready to overcome any obstacles you may face.

This final month as you push to make sure your 2017 dreams and goals are achieved and as you complete your 2018 goals, here are three tips that you can use to be prepared for any obstacle or challenge:

  • 1.       Make a list of every possible setback/challenge you may experience. Now create a plan of action you should take in the event those events occur.  If they occur stick to the plan.  Creating a levelheaded plan when you are not emotional will help you identify the best steps in any situation.  When we are in a tailspin we are not CLEAR.


  • 2.       Seek the counsel of your mentors and trusted advisors.  These are the experts in fields connected to your vision.  They have navigated some of the paths you will need to walk and they have also trotted down unbeaten pathways.  Their advice will help you stay grounded and will help to focus you.


  • 3.       Look for the positive/silver lining.  Do your best not to take a victim attitude.  Look for the lesson or the good in any situation.  Focusing on the negative will keep your spirits down.  Your attitude will be framed based on how you see the situation.  Take the lesson but look at it positively.  Reframe your thoughts and your mind.


There are few guarantees in life.  One certain guarantee is that you will face challenges, disappointments, delays and situations that seem like they have come to suck the life out of you. Don’t get caught off guard; be prepared to face those situations and to overcome them.

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