What Is The Cashier In Your Grocery Store Teaching You?

Yesterday at the grocery store, I overheard two cashiers talking about shopping for clothes.  An interesting conversation displaying two different thought patterns.  We will ignore the fact this conversation was occurring while one of the cashiers was ringing up my grocery items. 

One of the young ladies spoke about traveling to Florida to catch some clothing sales so that she could look like a diva when she “steps out” while the other cashier spoke about wanting to avoid spending the money on a flight and hotel for these sorts of purchases so she stretches her dollars by ordering her clothes online, shipping them to a relative living in Florida who then send them her to with another relative or a friend whenever they are traveling. For her shopping is about practicality so the clothing items she purchases do not have seasonal expiration dates.  The other cashier was stunned and said “girl you could wait?” as if it was a crazy notion to not immediately have access to the items purchased.

I intentionally said nothing about this exchange happening during my sales interaction so that I could listen to where this story was going. I mean after all if it was a private conversation I doubt that it would be occurring in front of customers.  The conversation continued and I listened some more. The young lady said she has a plan for her life.  There are some goals she has set which are priorities for her.  While she enjoys new things, she believes if she can sacrifice and be disciplined in the short term she can achieve her goals faster and live the life she dreams of.  While she didn’t share what those goals were I was impressed that a young lady no more than twenty one years of age seemed so wise in thought and in deed.  

There were two prevailing thoughts I had during this public conversation.  One is that the store could really use some customer service training and two that it was refreshing to find a person as young as she appeared to be who was focused on her goals; someone not “spoiled” by the need for instant gratification.

Designing your life by intention is one of the best ways to achieve success.  Having a plan that is well thought out and well documented will help you to stay focused on your goals.  What are you working toward?  What goals have you set for your life?  When do you anticipate achieving them?  What are the sacrifices you need to make to achieve them?  What will your future look like?

John C Maxwell shares that self-discipline is the bridge that will get you to your goals and that the first person we need to learn to lead is ourselves.  Our success is dependent on our ability to set goals, take action, recover from setbacks and on taking intentional actions that will lead us in the direction of our goals.

I encourage you to take some time to create your future.  Yes you read that correctly.  You can create your future not just randomly drift into it.  Map it out clearly, take action, be disciplined and resilient, encourage yourself, improve yourself constantly, expose yourself to new environments and places and stay focused. 

In just a few weeks my Ready Set Goals course will be offered again with limited registration.  This is a great investment in you.  The course is designed to inspire participants to visualize the future they want, demonstrate how to create the road map to get them from where they are to where they want to go and how to overcome challenges along the way.

If you would like to end this year strong and have a jump start on the 2019 year this is the course for you.  Stay tuned for the registration information in the coming days.  I guarantee you it will help you to create a strong foundation to build upon.

I’m rooting for your success! Oh and if you are wondering I will be submitting a proposal to that store to help them #levelup their customer service delivery.

Be blessed!

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