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Unhappy!  That’s the adjective I’d use to describe it.  It’s the feeling you get when you realize you are working at a job, in a position, that’s draining the life out of you.  There are many reasons people experience this sense of despair:

  1. Some were sold dreams and the reality of the organization or the business was far different than what was present.

  2. Some need a job – there are bills to be paid and almost any position at any salary would do.

  3. Some have been in the same position in the same organization without the possibility of promotion because in order to be promoted someone has to leave or die.

  4. Some came into the organization engaged and excited about making a difference only to face the reality that the policies and procedures don’t allow for the changes required to be implemented.

  5. Some work for bosses who are less talented than them and are being held down due to those bosses fearing their skills

  6. Some people aren’t growing and developing in order to be given a chance to be promoted

  7. Some people are just negative and nothing you do will please them

There are countless reasons but regardless of the reason, being stuck in a rut at your job brings a constant stream of unhappiness.  Many mornings you sit on your bed and talk yourself into going in or talk yourself out of calling out.  This is no joke.  If we were to poll the masses, I am absolutely certain the results would be astounding with the results reflecting that a large majority of people are unhappy with their jobs.

What do you do about this?  Well, you can continue to talk yourself into going into “work” everyday reminding yourself of your obligations or you can begin to chase your dreams!  Now I’m not saying to walk away from your jobs with reckless abandonment.  What I am saying is to do some introspection.  Consider the things that make you happy.  Think about your strengths and your passions.  Find some like-minded people or organizations that tie into your passions; the things you could do even if you weren’t being paid to do them.  Develop yourself in those areas and seek opportunities to put your strengths to work where your passions lie.

Create a plan, a blueprint to follow as you chase your dreams.  What do you need to do? Where do you need to grow?  What resources do you need? Who will mentor you?  Will you build a team or join a team of people already trying to accomplish what you desire?  What are the possible obstacles to achieving your dreams?  How will you overcome them?

Steve Jobs said when you are working on something that you love, the vision pulls you.  Allow your vision to pull in the direction of your dreams.

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