There’s Still Time

Welcome quarter two!

This is the first day of the second quarter of the 2019 year!  What an exciting time!  Another new beginning!

How was the first quarter of the year?  For me it was super successful.

You see many years ago, one of my coaches held me accountable to creating and executing a well laid out plan.

Prior to that, I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve but honestly, I wasn’t 100% sure of how to achieve my goals and sometimes I didn’t even believe my dreams were possible.

Many years, I sat down ritually during the month of December and wrote out my New Year’s resolutions. 

I can see me now, sitting at the desk, pen in hand writing down random goals – just to have goals but they were goals with no purpose.

Once I discovered my purpose, I was able to craft a vision for my life.  With the vision clear, I was able  to create purposeful goals that aligned with the vision.  This made sure that every action I took, was intentional and led to the accomplishment of my goals.

Once the goals were laid out in full on paper all I had to do was execute them. 

Using this method, I’ve been able to achieve more of my dreams – more than I ever imagined was possible.

I know how frustrating it is to want to do something and be uncertain of what that is and how to do it. 

To help others who may have a similar challenge, I’ve created a little cheat sheet that is attached to this newsletter.

As we head into quarter two, I truly hope it is able to help with defining vision, creating goals and achieving dreams.  There’s still time to layout those goals and then execute the plan.

Remember, I am your sister in success and I’m rooting for you. 

Cheers for a successful quarter two!

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