The Rewards Far Outweigh The Costs

In the words of John C Maxwell, talent is not enough. 

Yes, having talent is a good starting point but talent alone will not achieve your dreams. 

Here’s a story that illustrates this point.  My son always aspired to be a professional basket player.  He is very talented and was the star of his basketball team in high school.  After graduation he enrolled in College where he tried out for the college basketball team.  He was successful in his quest to be a member of the school’s team.  His talent got him this opportunity.  Skip a few months down ahead.  My son is now a more disciplined and focused player.  The progress he has made is evident.  His talent laid the foundation and helped him to get on the team and to eventually be the team’s lead player.  His raw talent gave him the opportunity but the Coach harnessed his potential and helped him to develop into a much better player which opened the door to many new opportunities including attending a basketball camp in Spain and receiving an offer to play ball on an international level.

The importance of having a coach as we pursue our dreams cannot be understated.  Experienced professionals in the field we are navigating can help us to develop our talent and strengthen us. 

As expert coaches work along with us, they help to broaden our horizon, develop our talent, help us to avoid costly mistakes, help us handle difficult situations and overcome events that may try to derail us.  They help us to navigate the choppy waters that lead to successfully achieving our goals.

Many people prefer to go it alone or think the cost of hiring a professional coach is excessive.  Here are powerful words from Oprah Winfrey that drives home this point.  “For every one of us that succeed, it’s because there’s somebody there to show you the way out.” 

You can never journey to a new place without a map.  Stacia Pierce from the Millionaire Blog shares that “Successful people are check points along the path to success.  Oprah has always been candid about the advice she received from mentors like Maya Angelou, Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier.  For those you admire, if you want their success, be smart enough to model their lives.”

Are you ready to create a better life?  Are you ready to stop living in a rat race?  Are you ready to move to the next level?  Are you ready to experience a higher level of success?

Find an experienced coach or mentor.  Their experience, guidance, their ability to extract your full potential and develop your nature talent will be well worth the investment.  We invest in others. We invest in electronics.  We invest in material possessions.  We very quickly invest in new fads and trends.  It’s time to reconsider your investments and invest in YOU.

Know this – the successful person invests in him/herself.  The rewards far outweigh the cost.


Duquesa D. Dean is a Certified Corporate Trainer, Speaker and a Transformation Coach. She is an Associate Trainer with the International Board of Certified Trainers and a certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

Duquesa is the author of three books “Chase Your Dreams”, “Sister, Stand Up Again & “Bruised But Not Broken”.

To book Duquesa, email or call 242-424-6012

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