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Shift From Customer Service to Customer Experience

There are quite a number of components that make up the customer experience. In reality everything the customer sees, hears, feels or perceives impacts the customer’s experience. In this Customer Experience Series we talk about how to provide customers with the type of experiences that lead to repeat business and customer loyalty.

It’s pretty easy to provide customers with exceptional service. Amazon, Apple, Zappos and Starbucks all demonstrate this fact. Each of those companies have a customer experience model that their organizations and their employees adhere to. In order to be successful in delivering consistently positive customer experiences some important components must be in place. These include:

  1. The organization’s Policies, Procedures and Standards of Operation must be customer focused
  2. Highly visible leaders setting the example
  3. People management training for middle managers & supervisors
  4. Hiring the right fit for your organization and for each role
  5. Empowering staff members to make decisions
  6. Providing orientation and consistent customer service training for all team members

Customers are more demanding than ever. For this reason, organizations must be on the cutting edge and stay abreast of current market trends. The expectations of customers are ever changing and to remain competitive every business must adapt to those expectations. Customers who feel valued, appreciated and respected become loyal customers. Customers who feel nickle-and-dimed, hassled or ignored will turn away from your business and encourage their friends to do the same.

The reality is without customers your business cannot and will not succeed. With this thought in mind, organizations must be creative in providing an excellent customer experience; making customers feel valued and also ensuring customers receive value for their money. Today’s customers want more than a one time satisfactory customer service interaction. They want complete and consistent customer experiences.

This series is designed to clearly demonstrate the relationship between the 6 points listed above and the customer experience. We delve into point 1 next week.


I look forward to you joining me for this informative and thought provoking journey.

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