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Most Successful People Have This In Common

Most successful people attribute their success to the levels of mentorship they had in their lives. According to Eric Parsloe, from the Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring, “Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order for them to maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.”

Consider the list of people below.  During the course of their lives, they found themselves with multiple mentors who helped to guide them in their chosen fields. 

  • Maya Angelo was mentored by her school teacher
  • Oprah Winfrey was mentored by Maya Angelo
  • Bill Gates was mentored by Warren Buffet
  • Richard Branson was mentored by Sir Freddie Laker
  • Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs

Over the next few weeks we will discuss the benefits of having a mentor.  The first benefit we will look at is you gain from the experience of someone who has traveled the path you are now navigating.

Having a mentor in your chosen field who has already navigated the path you are traveling or who has experience in a path you are seeking to enter will assist you tremendously.  Here are a few ways this person can help:

  • ·         This person will know how to guide you to avoid pitfalls, setbacks and delays.
  • ·         In the event you encounter any setbacks, your mentor will share how they overcame similar obstacles and disappointments. This information will help you to develop a plan to overcome any challenges you may face along your journey.
  • ·         They will share their best practices with you.  These practices are the things that worked well for your mentor.  This valuable information will help you achieve your goals timelier.
  • ·         Your mentor’s experience will also help you understand how to adjust your efforts for maximum results

As you focus on chasing your dreams, be sure to align yourself with mentors who can help and challenge you to develop, learn and grow.  As you grow and begin to achieve your goals, return the favor and mentor someone else whose life you can add value to.

Next week, we will discuss your mentor as your accountability partner.

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