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Live Your Dream!

Mark Twain said that “The two most important days in life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  Sometimes we struggle to find our purpose in life. It’s not an uncommon occurrence.  We struggle with the why am I here question and truth be told it is sometimes not an easy question to find the answer to. 

What I am absolutely certain of is that your life has purpose.  You were born to fulfill a specific purpose and using that purpose make a difference in the world.  Sometimes when we think about our purpose, we think that it must be enormous or it must impact crowds when in actuality our purpose could be connected to a single person.  I read a quote the other day which reminded me that purpose isn’t about numbers.  The quote said that “The size of your audience doesn’t matter.”  What a profound statement!

As you consider your purpose in life think about the things that you are strongest at.  What brings you the most joy?  What would you do if you weren’t even paid to do it?  What reoccurring thoughts and dreams surface in your heart consistently; it just doesn’t go away?  Purpose is attached to your strengths.  Identifying your strengths is one of the first steps towards identifying your purpose.  I am a strong proponent of operating in the areas of strength.  This is where joy and happiness.  As we struggle to improve upon “weaknesses” we become frustrated and feel inadequate.  Isn’t it better to focus on and build on what you enjoy and outsource those areas of weakness by collaboration?

You were created for a purpose and it is uniquely yours!  Don’t allow people to discourage you from living your purpose because it’s too small, too big, too complicated, too whatever.  They will always find reasons why you shouldn’t pursue it.  Do you know why?  Because it’s not their journey!  Focus on your journey.  Find likeminded people.  Focus on building your strengths.  Map your process out.  Then go live your dream!

2018 is at our door step.  I challenge you to make it the year of the manifestation of your dreams! Find your purpose and go live your dream!

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