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Even when surrounded by darkness, stand firm "Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"
Live aloud, fully and purposefully knowing that God's gat you!
It was such a great conversation on TrendWatch today.
In studio was Danita from Fort Lauderdale, Nyckki from California and Ghandi from the Bahamas.
It was a diverse conversation!
I wear so many hats.
This is by far, one of my most favorite.
To them, I am mom. Oh and some kind of miracle working superhero.
They are the wind beneath my wings.
One of my many hats!
Be sure to grab your copy of the breast cancer supplement in today's newspaper. It's in The Nassau Guardian.
I'm privileged to have contributed an article on The Value of Support & Support Groups.
#dreamchaser ...
Be in the room!
Trust me - it's a feeling that just can't be described!
#thepowerofher #womenhelpingwomensucceed #queen #riseup
There is so much power in letting things be.
When we put our narrative to any situation, we take away the reality of what that situation is.
Instead of trying to make every situation be what you want it to ...
Sis, take it from someone who has been there, at a place of constant worrying about the future and stressing about everything.
Everything is going to be ok. Trust the process.
#youhavethepower #forgiveyourself #moveforward #dotheworktoheal #gotgetyourdream
Abundant living is more than being financially stable.
It has a lot more to do with doing something greater than yourself.
#abundantliving #dosomethinggreaterthanyourself #servewell
Down time allows us to release, rejuvenate, replenish and renew.
With a renewed mind and body, we can connect better.
#selfcareisbae #renewyourmind #replenishyourbody #connectbetter
17 years ago, I was at the darkest point of my life! I didn't believe that the life I wanted to live was possible. I was stuck, unhappy and depressed.
Fast forward to today. I'm living the best days of ...
I'm so proud of my mom! She's not here physically but my Guardian Angel is ever present.
Members of the GD Caring and Sharing Cancer Support Group pay tribute to her during October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
I'm so proud of my mom.
We die but our legacy never does.
Take a listen in.
#mymom #myhero #myheart
I cried. Unashamed. As the survivors marched in, the tears just flowed. Flowed for two reasons.
1. I know their struggle. The bravery we see on the survivors march masks the pain and anguish that comes with fighting cancer and ...
Today is the second anniversary of my mom's death.. My Sisters from the GD Caring & Sharing Cancer Support Group and I walk in honor of my mom at the Miami Komen Walk.
#komenmiami #mymom #myhero #myheart #lovehertothemax #komenwalkmiamiflt
A leader's potential is determined by those closest to him. John C. Maxwell.
Who is in your circle? It's time to inspect, release and promote folk as necessary.
Your future depends on it.
#lawoftheinnercircle #trainerspeakercoach #leadershiplaws #inspectyourcircle #levelup
Empowering Queens TV Episode 2 Pregnancy, Miscarriage and Losses On Part 2 of Episode 2 Empowering Queens TV host, Duquesa D Dean, along with the show's co-host Simmone L. Bowe and special guest Tishka Moss discuss pregnancy, miscarriages and loss.
Tishka Moss introduces Fourth Trimester Boutique, a place where ...
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