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I don't know if this is familiar to anyone:
You can see the anointing but don't want the responsibility for it so you run from it.
You run into all kinda crap that ends up damaging you BUT the damage ...
We had such a great time at the Award Winning Customer Service Training Workshop.
Our participants walked away with their SMASH.
Look out for the next session coming soon.
Have you ever lost your voice? Have you ever been bruised and broken? Have you ever lost your way?
I've been there - to the brink of nothingness and sitting in I don't care village. I've been so battered and ...
We have more control than we think we do.
We create our lives by the choices we make.
Give yourself permission to make the best choices for your life.
#duquesaddean #chaseyourdreams
Live life boldly! Who you are is enough!
As the new week begins remember that anything you can conceive in your mind is possible to achieve.
Believe in yourself and in your dreams.
After a period of rest we are stronger and clearer.
May I share a secret with you? It seems I'm always sharing them with you anyway.
Around this time of the year, I'd be smiling outwardly and cringing inwardly.
You see this was way back in the early 2000's. Many ...
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