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"I'm no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of the King. I know who I am. I am a child of God." I no longer walk in fear. I walk in faith being confident of this, that ...
I'm having butterflies and these marriage counseling sessions are deep.
Can a sister be excited, scared, ready, anxious and happy all at the same time?
#OnceUponABains #Bainstrong #BainTime
She's no longer a broken little girl. She's a confident woman who has put the past behind her, who is taking action in the present and excited about her future.
The experiences that were designed to break her, actually did! ...
Every girl needs a squad.
I love mine.
#CircleOfSupport #Squad
Hmmmm.......... Have you ever counted the cost? The cost of unfulfilled dreams, goals that were not achieved, dreams that were cast aside?
There is a cost associated with those things. The cost could be: - more income
- overspending on ...
There are NO limits!
There are no extraordinary people. Seriously!
There are however ordinary people who put in extraordinary effort to achieve their dreams.
There are no special talents that cause someone to go after their dreams.
There are however ...
It was a super day at The Author's Bookcamp in New York!
It was a privilege to be invited to speak at this event. It was a even greater privilege to have my dear friends here with me and to ...
When you are a trainer, you delicately balance many roles.
The International Board of Certified Trainers is hosting it's very first accreditation training in the Bahamas.
Direct message me for more details.
If you are in the New York area, would you join me at the Author's Book-Camp?
This camp is for new and/budding authors. I'm speaking on How To Create A Successful Book Brand.
There are some other amazing speakers sharing ...
Soooo last night was a rough night for me.
Doing the internal work required to be at peace with all men is HARD when you know you should do the right thing BUT want to take matters in your own ...
This is how I literally saved for my first mortgage. It took me a while to accumulate the funds but I did.
At first I started saving all of my coins. Then I started saving all of my dollar bills. ...
All three boxes checked!
Have a happy Sunday!
#Rest #Rejuvenate #Restore
Sharing at the Hubert Edwards Global Success Summit on the topic "My Challenges- Stepping Stone To Success!" #bossbabe #femaleentrepreneur #girlpower #chaseyourdreams #dreamcatcher #IBelieve #WorldChanger
Throw back to that day when I challenged the sales teams at Scotiabank to be in it to win it.
Executing a well thought out and well written strategy helps with winning and dominating!
Do you need your team to ...
This is a lesson worth remembering. Every betrayal can be a blessing. .
The best revenge is counting your blessings that you see the situation clearly now, that you know what not to do again in the future, that you ...
Empowering Queens TV Episode 2 Pregnancy, Miscarriage and Losses On Part 2 of Episode 2 Empowering Queens TV host, Duquesa D Dean, along with the show's co-host Simmone L. Bowe and special guest Tishka Moss discuss pregnancy, miscarriages and loss.
Tishka Moss introduces Fourth Trimester Boutique, a place where ...
Transition Mentorship Program Making a difference in youth development in the Bahamas
What Is An Independent Woman? What is an independent woman and is she really attractive?
5 Tips To Overcome Failure Have you lost your smile? Here are 5 tips to help overcome failure.
Four Things That Create Barriers In Communication Communication is more complex than just talking. Here are some barriers to avoid while communicating.
Girl Talk Vision Board Party With Duquesa Dean Why Not Now? You have the ability in this very moment to make a difference. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. The future is NOW!