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It's in the past for a reason. Focus on your future. There are no limits and there are no boundaries. Go ahead and SOAR!
Go ahead & be great!
This is so much fun!! Can you see the pure bliss???? It's a Friday evening....BIMM!
Heading into this weekend feeling like I'm on top of the world. Cheers to the weekend!
It's your life! It's your story! As you know in any good adventure or romance story there are plot twists, there are moments of victory, moments of defeat, hurts, heartbreaks, drama and all the good stuff that captivates us. Your ...
That sound right there soothes my soul. What thing from nature calms you? The calm ocean reminds me that there is always peace after the storm.
What if tomorrow doesn't come? Don't be afraid to pursue your dreams. Ask yourself what's the worse thing that could happen and if you can live with that go for it. #chaseyourdreams Tags: chaseyourdreams
It's hump day sometimes referred to as slump day. Energize yourself and take charge of the day. Bless and encourage someone. A kind word or a smile can help give them hope. You are blessed to be a blessing. #chaseyourdreams ...
My Lonely Heart. #alone #loneliness Duquesa D Dean
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There is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. Join me Live on social media tonight at 8pm as we dive into the core of loneliness.
Photos from Duquesa D Dean's post There is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. Join me tonight at 8pm as we dive into the core of loneliness.
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Are there times when your loneliness claws at you? It penetrates your mind, attacks your heart and breaks down your self-esteem? Life can throw us some hurdles for sure and loss, betrayal as well as not fitting in can cause ...
Have your heart ever experienced loneliness and longing? Join me at 8pm on Tuesday July 17th and we will dive into the core of loneliness.
Pssst! Love up on yourself today. Write a love note to yourself and tell you all the beautiful things you love about you. I'm sure there is a lot to love. #motivationmonday Tags: motivationmonday
Hey you!! Yes YOU. Uplift yourself. Encourage yourself. Love yourself! #mondaymotivation
Rest and rejuvenation is import for your mind, body and soul. Make it a priority to give yourself time to release and refresh. #selfcare Tags: selfcare
Yesterday I overheard an interesting conversation between two cashiers at the grocery store. Check out the conversation. Copy and paste this link to access it. https://duquesadean.com/index.php/blog/117-what-is-the-cashier-in-your-grocery-store-teaching-you
Here's a conversation I overheard in the grocery store yesterday. I don't think I was eavesdropping. I believe I was given permission to listen because the conversation was happening loudly enough for me to hear while my grocery items were ...
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The world needs your voice; stand up for what is right. #healtheworld #startwiththemaninthemirror Tags: startwiththemaninthemirror, healtheworld
Embrace your brilliance! Radiate unapologetically. #chaseyourdreams Tags: chaseyourdreams
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Wherever we go we leave our footprints behind. Give your best effort to leaving a strong legacy wherever you go. #mayaguana #chaseyourdreams https://t.co/5NWQXbWzV6
Did you know that the US had a Navy Base in Mayaguana during World War II? Did you know that a missile launched in Cape Canaveral for space landed in Mayaguana? Did you know that the… https://t.co/CE4b8ahmTS
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