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When you love what you do work is never work. Today was totally enjoyable! I can't believe how fast it went by. This was the highlight of my day though - hanging out with two AMAZING coaches discussing #thepowerofher!
What ...
We all have had moments that we wish didn't happen; moments, events or situations. Those are just a part of our lives and not the total sum of it.
The past does not have to limit the future. As a ...
Let's not forget the promises we make to ourselves each day. Keeping our word to others is important, but our words to ourselves are even more so! Set that goal, tell yourself that you will achieve it, and watch it ...
Healthy Self Esteem Keeping your self esteem healthy is just as important as keeping the rest of yourself healthy. Believe that you can do it all and that is exactly what will happen!
You can view the entire video "Actions Give Clear Indications ...
Action is the anecdote!
We are the masters of our own lives. Don't let anyone try to change that dream! Be non-negotiable!
#Nonnegotiable #DuquesaDDean
The things that make me emotional now a days
Duquesa D Dean was live.
This is how you achieve your goals faster. Leverage experience to help you. One of the secrets to achieving your success is aligning with a mentor.
In the Create Your Success Blueprint Course we discuss how the blueprints we create for ourselves include our goals BUT they also include many other aspects of ...
I'm just done with this session and still on cloud 9 about it!
Helping people get from where they are to where they want to go is rewarding and fulfilling!
My mentor guided me to many success and breakthroughs. I'm ...
Be open to new opportunities and all the love that is surrounding you. We never know what each new day can bring to us.
#openyourheart #DuquesaDDean
Self-Limiting Beliefs Self-Limiting Beliefs: The beliefs that we hold inside of us that either determine how far we'll go in life or whether we'll start on our journey or not.
We should not stop ourselves from pursuing that dream that we see ...
Photos from Duquesa D Dean's post Creating a blueprint for intentional action is a necessity! These ladies shared how they've used the power of intention to build their lives.
We can achieve so much more with a detailed plan than just by following thoughts.
As I ...
Congratulations to me! With a burning desire to serve you better guess what I did? You got it! I leveled up friends!
As an Associate Trainer with the International Board of Certified Trainers I am listed on a global network ...
"Surround yourself with dreamers, movers, and shakers. They will help keep you in action."
- Duquesa D. Dean
What dream is rumbling in your belly? The one that causes excitement and fluttering in your tummy. It's there and it's waiting. Waiting to come true. Trust that it's possible .......… https://t.co/MfHzblDxPb
Sometimes we second guess what we deserve. Sometiimes we don't think we deserve the goodness that comes our way. Sometimes we self-sabotage to prove to ourselves that we are not worthy.… https://t.co/D1YW7n80x1
I'm so comfortable in the skin I'm in. I look at myself and see the Divine in me. He created me just the way I am. I wasn't always so self-assured though. I used to be really critical… https://t.co/3SbmhIBNUw
At Inspire Create Activate in Long Island last November, participants got smart about their 2018 goals. They created their vision boards and action plans! I'm so proud of their… https://t.co/E8gdzc4Nmi
What is this ecoerience trying to teach or develop in me? It's a hard question to face in moments of brokenness. Only the lesson can heal and free you. https://t.co/S4B98YkG6w
It takes a single step to get started. Action beats inaction any day. Go ahead. It's time to take that first step towards achieving your dreams. #youcandoit https://t.co/hbTp6jVXaT
You have the power! Harness it, chose your direction and go get it! #chaseyourdreams https://t.co/F3zAKQnWnm
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Wherever we go we leave our footprints behind. Give your best effort to leaving a strong legacy wherever you go. #mayaguana #chaseyourdreams https://t.co/5NWQXbWzV6
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