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Away with the old. In with the new.
There's a price to pay.
Are you ready to sacrifice old thoughts, habits, actions, etc. and replace them with new ones?
Until the old you is gone and the new #levelup version ...
The process is important.
There's no microwave process.
Enjoy the journey!
Part two of episode two of Empowering Queens TV was really moving.
Duquesa D Dean, Simmone L. Bowe and Tishka Moss discuss body shaming, losing pregnancy weight, the challenges of being a single mom and how a mom never forgets ...
Today was SUPER amazing.
@transitionmentoring held it's 3rd Annual Man Up Etiquette Session for young boys ages 8 to 13 years.
I'm so super proud to be a part of this organization and to sit on it's board.
Young children ...
We have many sisters in our tribe who attend our conference every year.
Here is Andi Williamson sharing her about her experience at the 2019 Power of HER Women's Conference.
Be sure to be in the room in 2020.
#thepowerofHER ...
You seriously feel like the world is yours to conquer! After our vision board and mapping out the path to achieve goals, the crew felt like they were on top of the world.
They climbed to the top of Dean's ...
Remembering your WHY is one way to remain motivated.
Stick in there and remember to be your own cheering squad.
#chaseyourdreams #believeinyourself #bossmoves #empirebuilding
Trying out looks for the wedding. What do you think about this one?
@keishanvaughanmua thank you for this beautiful and natural look.
He actually loved it. He said omgosh I can recognize you. Lol. Jokes.
#naturalbeauty #itaintlongnow
Grab hold of the promise and don't let go.
Transition Mentorship Program Making a difference in youth development in the Bahamas
What Is An Independent Woman? What is an independent woman and is she really attractive?
5 Tips To Overcome Failure Have you lost your smile? Here are 5 tips to help overcome failure.
Four Things That Create Barriers In Communication Communication is more complex than just talking. Here are some barriers to avoid while communicating.