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Belief in ourselves makes ALL the difference!
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Transform What You Offer Who is your target market? Does your customer service strategy connect with them?
Need help creating your customer service strategy? Inbox me.
You can't beat this amazing deal for the Customer Service and Sales Workshop. Register three get three free!
You're never fully dressed without a smile! Happiness is attractive.
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Photos from Duquesa D Dean's post Yesterday I took a moment to give gratitude to The Most High God, for His blessings and favor.
I'm so grateful for the life I live, for the people I love, for the dream I'm living and I'm truly grateful ...
I'm really reaping the benefits of rest. It's not always been this way though.
There was a time when I felt guilty about just doing nothing. That time could be better used is what I used to think.
What better ...
Photos from Duquesa D Dean's post Participating is something larger than myself reminds me to stay in purpose and to love my neighbors as I love myself.
Today we walked for hope and in honor of my mom.
Cancer sucks but there is hope! Fight for ...
Photos from Duquesa D Dean's post Putting a puzzle together requires consistently looking at the picture on the box to guide you and the trick to it is to fit the right pieces together.
This is also a method we can use to be sure we ...
Giving Back is a Part of an Abundant Lifestyle Are you interested in building the future? Our team is seeking volunteers who are committed to youth development.
When I was in my teen years a mentor really would have helped me to deal with the various transitions from childhood ...
Customer Service Strategy In an ideal world what would your customer service strategy look like?
Here's part two of our four part series.
Sometimes the road is difficult - this could be the road to healing, to health, to achieving goals, to a good family life, to a balanced relationship whatever it is, sometimes it's just pretty hard.
Sometimes the responsibilities of being ...
Here is your daily reminder to choose yourself. Teach others to treat you the way that you want and deserve to be treated by CHOOSING to love yourself!
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Make the Connection Most of us have experienced a corrupt leader, or someone who just does not know how to connect with us. The connections with have with our leaders determine how successful we will be in our current endeavors!
Here is one ...
Believe in yourselves! Once you give yourself the power, you will become unstoppable.
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What dream is rumbling in your belly? The one that causes excitement and fluttering in your tummy. It's there and it's waiting. Waiting to come true. Trust that it's possible .......… https://t.co/MfHzblDxPb
Sometimes we second guess what we deserve. Sometiimes we don't think we deserve the goodness that comes our way. Sometimes we self-sabotage to prove to ourselves that we are not worthy.… https://t.co/D1YW7n80x1
I'm so comfortable in the skin I'm in. I look at myself and see the Divine in me. He created me just the way I am. I wasn't always so self-assured though. I used to be really critical… https://t.co/3SbmhIBNUw
At Inspire Create Activate in Long Island last November, participants got smart about their 2018 goals. They created their vision boards and action plans! I'm so proud of their… https://t.co/E8gdzc4Nmi
What is this ecoerience trying to teach or develop in me? It's a hard question to face in moments of brokenness. Only the lesson can heal and free you. https://t.co/S4B98YkG6w
It takes a single step to get started. Action beats inaction any day. Go ahead. It's time to take that first step towards achieving your dreams. #youcandoit https://t.co/hbTp6jVXaT
You have the power! Harness it, chose your direction and go get it! #chaseyourdreams https://t.co/F3zAKQnWnm
What Is An Independent Woman? What is an independent woman and is she really attractive?
5 Tips To Overcome Failure Have you lost your smile? Here are 5 tips to help overcome failure.
The world needs us all to make a difference. People everywhere are hurting. One small act could change the direction of someone's life. This weekend make a commitment to do at least 1… https://t.co/5iM02m4kJv
Wherever we go we leave our footprints behind. Give your best effort to leaving a strong legacy wherever you go. #mayaguana #chaseyourdreams https://t.co/5NWQXbWzV6
Four Things That Create Barriers In Communication Communication is more complex than just talking. Here are some barriers to avoid while communicating.
A Coach Can Change A Life All team leaders should listen to this
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