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Sometimes we have the opportunity to create our family.
My mom had two kids; one boy and one girl. I used to envy larger families with sisters whispering or covering for each other. A kind of built in best friend.
This should be the spirit every Monday. Know that something good will always happen. When we wake up on a Monday morning, we should feel happy, inspired, and motivated to make the best start to the week. Monday is the ...
Sister - you can stand again!
#booklaunch #sisterstandupagain
Inspire, Create - Activate - a weekend planning retreat to create a blueprint for success.
Look out for the details for the 2019 retreat. We focus on vision, inner work, planning and balance.
We had such a great time.
#sucessplan ...
On this #throwbackthursday be reminded that the future is bright! How do I know? Because the future is able to be created not just lived out.
Create your best life!
Pushing past comfort zones helps us to operate in our growth zones.
Growth is stimulating.
This coming Saturday, we will Sit, Sip and Chat.
Ladies, come and bring a friend Let's talk about how we can take our power back.
Directions to Evolve Lounge: Turn through the corner opposite RBC on Mackey Street, at the ...
Happy Commonwealth Day!
Did you know that each year the Queen gives Young Leaders Awards and Grants to youth workers doing outstanding work in their communities? One award is allocated to each of the 53 nations of The Commonwealth Family.
My Grammy used to preach to me all the time.
One lesson she had on repeat was "birds of a feather flock together." In other words mind your company.
Today I am in good company. Surrounded by people who are ...
Regardless of what anyone else says, the POWER is in you.
You can stand again!
Thoughts drive actions.
I lost my dreams and didn't even realize when I did.
Life had thrown me around so much that I focused on getting through each situation and just surviving.
When my mentor started talking to me about creating my future ...
Transition Mentorship Program Making a difference in youth development in the Bahamas
What Is An Independent Woman? What is an independent woman and is she really attractive?
5 Tips To Overcome Failure Have you lost your smile? Here are 5 tips to help overcome failure.