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Day 12 of my gratitude journal:
I am so very grateful for every life experience I've had so far in my life.
The good times taught me how to celebrate and enjoy life.
The bad parts taught me what actions ...
Day 11 of my gratitude journal:
I'm so grateful for the pitter patter of feet outside my bedroom door in the mornings.
Then, I hear the bedroom door get pushed open and those feet come running towards me.
I'm so ...
Day 12 of my gratitude journal:
Today, I'm grateful for my friends. Friends are the family we get to choose.
Sometimes, our lives are all going at the speed of lightening and we don't get the chance to talk by ...
Day 11 of my gratitude journal:
I'm so grateful for the pitter patter of feet outside my bedroom door in the mornings.
Then, I hear the bedroom door get pushed open and those feet come running towards me.
I'm so ...
Power Up Your Goals 80% of success lies in a plan. Think about it. A contractor executes a well mapped out blueprint to create a client's dream house. The architect extracted the vision, then created the plan for the contractor.
Our goals can convert ...
Day 10 of my gratitude journal:
Today, I'm grateful for the promise; the promise we can all cling to. It is the promise to be all that we have been called to be.
I'm grateful that God created us all ...
Day 9 of my gratitude journal:
Today, I'm filled with gratitude to be alive. Nothing more.
What a gift it is to experience life in this very moment.
To feel, to see, to taste, to hear and to touch - ...
Day 8 of my gratitude journal:
Today, I'm grateful for the experience of the more mature folk in our world.
True story, I was struggling for a while with moving beyond my plateau. It seemed like I couldn't #elevate any ...
80% of Success Is In A Well Laid Out Plan Having a plan is a great starting point.
Having a complete blueprint is a level up.
My mentor helped me to move from plan to blueprint.
The result - continuous success
Day 7: Today I'm grateful for the ability to hear God's voice.
I'm grateful that "church" isn't confined to a building and worship can happen anywhere.
I'm so grateful that God rescued me from a life that was filled with ...
Fear is
F - False
E - Expectations
A- Appearing
R- Real
The social distancing allows us to create our plans to recreate our lives.
Crisis is a time to reflect and to plan.
How will you emerge stronger?
How ...
Day 6: It hit me so hard last night I cried.
My boy loves basketball and played in high school and college. As a matter of fact he led both teams at some point.
Last year he asked to attend ...
Day 5: Every day this week, my #nanalove and I have taken sunshine breaks. These have become pretty special to me.
We walk outdoors in our yard, sit on the porch and we sometimes play hide and seek.
This morning, ...
Creating Our Best Lives Requires Our Active Involvement We have to acknowledge the part we play in creating our lives.
When we want to create better lives, we must align with others who've navigated the path we are traveling and who've overcome the challenges we face.
We have ...
In life, we face hills and valleys.
The hills are much easier to navigate. The valleys can be quite difficult.
What do we do when enter and journey through those valley experiences?
This is where I want to encourage you. ...
We Are All Queens! Resilience is a learnt trait. It's through trail and experiences that we build this muscle.
We've all may have been through situations that took us through the valley of the shadow of death.
We can survive them!
Every Life Experience Is Valuable I've been there; at the place of brokenness. It's not a pretty place to be. I was actually stuck there for years, no less than 10 years.
Moving from that place of brokenness to a place of thriving took some ...
In Valley Experiences We Still Hold The Power In life, there are hills and valleys.
We enjoy mountain top experiences. Those valley experiences can seem as if they will break us.
I want to encourage you today. When we are in those valley experiences, we still have our ...
Day Four: I'm grateful for the kindness of my neighbors;
1. The lady who tells me when my pipe is leaking.
2. The gentleman who calls me if my house alarm goes off.
3. The doctor who hails each day.
Day 3. I'm grateful for the blessings that have flowed down my family line. There are not just generational curses that pass down; there are also generational blessings.
Today, I'm grateful for these Dean Family Traits:
1. Generosity
2. Tender-hearted
Today I'm grateful for the time used to do laundry. Laundry is done yall! Clean towels, bed linens and clothes all neatly folded and put away.
We got to do all of it. Sometimes it took two or three days ...
Empowering Queens TV Episode 2 Pregnancy, Miscarriage and Losses On Part 2 of Episode 2 Empowering Queens TV host, Duquesa D Dean, along with the show's co-host Simmone L. Bowe and special guest Tishka Moss discuss pregnancy, miscarriages and loss.
Tishka Moss introduces Fourth Trimester Boutique, a place where ...
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