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When I placed the tiara on my head as I prepared to participate in The Power of HER, I was overcome with emotion.
I recognized in that moment how I waited for others to validate me and help me to ...
Join the International Board of Certified Trainers Train-The-Trainer Course in Nassau, Bahamas March 24th to March 28th 2020.
This five day course will help to accelerate and enhance your trainer career.
For more details, on this international certification email duquesa@duquesadean.com ...
Throw back to the Bruised But NOT Broken Book Launch Party!
Whew! What a great time we had!
My mom said "hon, we are going to have to have 2 book launches" and we did! She loved this one best ...
Our first season of Empowering Queens TV was pretty moving if I can say so myself.
We are excited at what season two will bring.
Stay tuned....... #EmpoweringQueensTV
Different generations learn, communicate, process and live differently.
How do we get them to work cohesively? What a great question!
It's a question the team from Going Places Travel asked.
At their recent team building event, we answered the question.
Building Dreams Designing Futures was the theme of my presentation last night at The Kiwanis Club, JFK.
The dream that's sitting in your chest, it requires your action.
You have the power!
I was super excited while custom designing this presentation for Deltec Bank.
It was a privilege to share at their 2020 vision roll out.
My topic was Light Your World. Inside of each of us is a light. How dull ...
Training concepts are best learnt by the practical application of the theory.
Team work makes the dream work. As cliche as it sounds, it's true.
The challenge is to see how they take the theory and convert it. What's the ...
When my mentor had me shed all of my friends years ago, I didn't really get it. I trusted him and I needed my life to transform.
After taking his advice, I shed every friend I had at that time. ...
In my coaching sessions, I hear people say they feel bad about disconnecting.
It's a normal human reaction to feel discomfort in change.
The question though is - who is more important? You or them?
We serve others better when ...
Two years ago, I penned this.
Since then many chapters have opened and closed.
Every day is the beginning of a new chapter.
We are the Author's of our fate.
Sometimes, we look at others and create our own narrative about them and their lives.
Sometimes, we see them successful, happy, rich, "making big moves", etc. and we put our $$$$ value on their success.
Sometimes, we look at them ...
Self-Care Sunday.
Soothing my soul.
Here's my to do list for today: -Chill
Your voice has value.
You inspire people.
Your message is important; someone is waiting on it to help them push through.
Use it!
#YouHaveThePower #Believe
Vision .... What we see for ourselves is what we create.
Empowering Queens TV Episode 2 Pregnancy, Miscarriage and Losses On Part 2 of Episode 2 Empowering Queens TV host, Duquesa D Dean, along with the show's co-host Simmone L. Bowe and special guest Tishka Moss discuss pregnancy, miscarriages and loss.
Tishka Moss introduces Fourth Trimester Boutique, a place where ...
Transition Mentorship Program Making a difference in youth development in the Bahamas
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