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I am Duquesa D. Dean. My vision is to empower and equip individuals and teams with the necessary skills for high performance and growth. | Email:

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Sister Stand UpAgain
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Bruised But Not BrokenEmbark on a 21 day journey
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Chase Your DreamsThe 6 step plan guide

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March 18, 2019
Blog 23

The Staggering Cost of Poor Service

Has there been a time when you were on the receiving end of bad service? During that encounter did you consider whether you would do business with that organization again? When we have substandard or poor customer service experiences, we associate unhappy…
March 08, 2019
Blog 86

It Was The Fall of 2015

It was the Fall of 2015. I vividly recall that hot summer afternoon. We were sitting in the den. I’d just walked into the cool air-conditioned room and felt the perspiration begin to evaporate off of my skin. My mentor was sitting behind his desk writing on a…
February 18, 2019
Blog 81

Is The Customer Always Right?

Interesting question isn’t it? For years there has been this debate about if the customer is always right. The answer is no. The customer is not always right. They are people, they make mistakes, they get angry, they respond from a place of emotion, they…

Can You Believe This Happened?

Blog 170
Customers are already frustrated when they either call your organization or visit your…

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Blog 229
A few months back, I had the most unpleasant travel experience of my life. I needed to…

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