In Which Way Are Employees Blowing Away Your Customers?

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In the customer service industry, employees are encouraged to blow away the customer.  In the customer service field those who understand that providing great service is one way to give their companies an advantageous position over their competitors push employees to blow away the customer but what exactly does it mean?  Do employees understand what your goal is when you say blow away the customer? 

As a Customer Experience Trainer who has polled hundreds of employees about what it means to blow away the customer, I can assure you that while there may be some similarities, eighty percent of those employees had different perceptions of what blow away service looks like.  It is for this exact reason that employees must be guided with a customer service strategy, sequence of service and customer recovery process.

By providing clear guidelines employees are better position to understand the overall goal and implement the steps necessary to provide consistently good service. Now this is not a fool proof remedy for any service issues you may be experiencing in your organization nor does it hold the solution for switching on employees who are switched off – that is a morale issue which requires a whole lot more.  However it provides clarity to ALL employees on what your service expectations are for their roles.

For example, if you are in the restaurant business, your idea of blow way the customer could mean something different for your hostesses, your servers, your kitchen staff, etc.  Your customers have a different expectation of each of those roles.  They expect your hostess to have an engaging personality, they expect to be greeted with a warm smile, they expect to be escorted to their dining table promptly & professionally, they expect an apology for any delays,  they expect to be advised of who will be serving them and they expect to be
checked on during their dining experience.  These are not the same expectations for the server.  Expectations for their server will include the server being knowledgeable about the menu items, advising of any specials, being able to respond to questions about recommendations and what are the most popular dishes, being attentive to drink refills, noticing when dining plates need to be removed and the timing between courses. 

All of these employees are vital to the success of the restaurant, however, the service they should provide to customers in their individual roles is different as will be the manner in which they accomplish blowing away the customer.  They must however work hand in hand for the customer to have an overall excellent dining experience with the restaurant. 

As I wrap up this article, I encourage you to ensure employees properly understand what blow away the customer means to you, your organization and to their role. An organization I worked with previously has an excellent rating with blowing away their customers.  Their success is attributed to them creating the strategy, tying the individual customer service roles back into the strategy, teaching the strategy daily, observing how the strategy is being carried out, tweaking and coaching where necessary and holding team members accountable.  Success in this area is possible. 

I encourage you to create a service strategy.  Then communicate the strategy to all employees, provide them with support and hold them accountable to achieving it. Blow away service could mean that customers are satisfied and will patronize your business again or it could mean that they are blown away to the competitors.


Duquesa D. Dean is a Certified Trainer, Speaker and a Transformation Coach. She is an Associate Trainer with the International Board of Certified Trainers and has over 20 years experience in the customer service field. She coaches organizations large and small to lift their service levels and offers a unique style of customer service training. Duquesa is the author of two books “Chase Your Dreams” & “Bruised But Not Broken”. To book Duquesa email or visit her website at

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