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Do You Have A Teachable Spirit?

The major turning point in my life was when I aligned myself with my mentor.  My mentor saw my potential and realized I didn’t fully understand my talent.  I’m sure you have someone in your life that has at some point or another told you there was something special about a skill or talent you had.  Did you listen?  When my mentor first told me his observations, I was in disbelief.  I could not believe that the person he was talking about was me.  He took a chance on me and challenged me.  I was already at rock bottom and decide to take a chance on him.  I thought to myself “how much worse could it possibly get?” I’m forever grateful that my mentor approached me, coached me and made me see how limitless my possibilities are.

What is a mentor? A mentor is someone who holds you accountable.  This is someone you share your goals and dreams with.  Your mentor is aware of the path you want to take, the person you want to be and the things you want to avoid.  Your mentor is someone who will remind you of those things and when you are acting contrary to the established goals, your mentor will bring it to your attention.  Your mentor will be aware of your deadlines for each goal and will hold you to those.  A mentor consistently focuses and refocuses you on your dreams and goals.

I was lucky or fate intervened and had my path cross with my mentor but not everyone is so fortunate.  In most instances, you have to seek out a mentor and/or coach but how do you select one?   Here are some tips:

  • .      Seek credible experienced people with a proven history of success or of overcoming failure.
  •  Seek someone who has the time to invest in meeting with you regularly.
  •  Seek someone who will be honest with you.
  • Seek someone who is not threatened by your dreams.
  • Seek someone who still focuses on their growth and development.
  • Seek someone who will force you to think.
  •  Seek someone who will stretch you.

In return for your mentor’s time, advice and assistance show appreciation to your mentor by:

  • Respect your mentor’s time and opinions
  • Be teachable
  • Be willing to listen
  • Honor your commitments
  • Show proof that you’ve implemented your agreed action points
  • Be consistent

I am living proof that having a mentor/coach can positively change your life.  I took a chance on mine.  I was willing to be teachable, corrected and advised.  It absolutely changed my life. 


Are you looking for a change in your life?  A mentor is definitely a step in the right direction.

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