Shift from Customer Service to Customer Experience Part 3- Highly Visible Leaders

When I think about leadership, John C Maxwell’s quote “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” comes to mind.  I mean that’s what leaders should do. A leader is someone who should be knowledgeable and experienced.   A leader should have a clear vision of where they are going.  They should be able to connect well with others.  Leadership is about influencing others not intimidating them to do what needs to be done.  A leader is someone who knows how to be in the trenches with you but also someone who understands that they need to avoid getting bogged down in the day to day because they need to stay focused on the bigger picture.  They understand there will be times when they will need to pitch in and help but they also know they must stay focused on the big picture and achieving company goals.


Shift from Customer Service to Customer Experience- Part 2

Colin Shaw defines customer experience as “the sum of all interactions between a customer and your organization. It’s the blend of your organization’s physical performance and the emotions that you create all measured against customer expectations across all points of interaction.” In my previous blog, I shared that anything and everything that touches the customer impacts his/her experience with your organization. Today we discuss how policies, procedures and standards of operation impact the customer experience.


Shift From Customer Service to Customer Experience

There are quite a number of components that make up the customer experience. In reality everything the customer sees, hears, feels or perceives impacts the customer’s experience. In this Customer Experience Series we talk about how to provide customers with the type of experiences that lead to repeat business and customer loyalty.

It’s pretty easy to provide customers with exceptional service. Amazon, Apple, Zappos and Starbucks all demonstrate this fact. Each of those companies have a customer experience model that their organizations and their employees adhere to. In order to be successful in delivering consistently positive customer experiences some important components must be in place. These include: