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Are You A Lone Ranger?

Mother Teresa was a dream chaser of mammoth proportions! She had a goal of changing the world and with purpose in her heart and a belief in her vision; she set about doing just that.  Mother Teresa’s story though, is a clear example of how building a team and collaborating with others plays a major role in a dream chaser’s success. Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation, which in 2012 consisted of over 4,500 sisters and was active in 133 countries. They run hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis; soup kitchens; dispensaries and mobile clinics; children’s and family counseling programmes; orphanages; and schools.”

Through her team Mother Teresa impacted people all over the world.  Her outreach ministries helped the sick, the homeless and other people various needs all over the world.  Apart from directly helping others, Mother Teresa also inspired other dream chasers with the purpose of changing the world.  She did more with her team than she would have ever been able to do alone. As you chase your dreams, build a team of people that:

  • ·         Share your vision
  • ·         Are as strong or stronger than you
  • ·         Balances out your weakness (strong in the areas you are not)
  • ·         Are allowed to function in the area of their strength
  • ·         Have the specific skills needed to make the dream a reality

The world’s leadership guru John C Maxwell says that “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.”  If your desire is to accomplish your goals in a faster and more efficient way, build a team of people who buy into your vision or collaborate with others who have similar missions.  Together you can all achieve more than any lone ranger can.

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