A Marriage Made In Heaven

Organizations that focus on sales with great products but provide lousy service or organizations with great service but lousy products for sale receive a good volume of customer complaints. They are often the brunt of social media attacks.  Their brands, reputations and revenue are all at stake. 

Repeat and loyal customers expect great service matched with great products.  When customers are disappointed they expect prompt solutions that satisfy their needs.

Here are seven tips to help marry service & sales.  Trust me it is a match made in heaven.

  • People Buy People – Be likeable. Be open-minded. Be personable. Smile. Engage in the interaction with the client.  Control your body language. People watch what you do versus what you say.
  • Focus On The Customer –make sure everything you do is valuable to the customer and not focused on a target you have to meet. Focus on building the relationship with the customer and discover their needs.
  • Offer Products That Match Your Customers’ Needs And Provides A Solution To Their Problem. This proves to the customer that you are interested in what they need versus what you need to sell.
  • View Objections And Questions Optimistically; it is a demonstration of the client’s interest but a need for more information or clarity.
  • Look For Buying Signals; the customer provides these during your interaction. Buying signals include questions and positive communication.
  • Before closing your sale verify that the product provides the solution and satisfies the customer’s needs.
  • Do not be defensive if a customer is not satisfied with the product or has a challenge with it. Don’t take it personally.  Listen, take notes, ask questions, own the problem, don’t pass the buck instead provide a solution for the client.  In the event you are unable to provide a solution that the customer wants offer possible options for them to choose from.

 The customer service professional who marries sales and service will benefit from long term clients who trust them and will repeatedly do business with them and their organizations.  The relationship is what’s most important to the client.


Duquesa D. Dean is a Certified Trainer, Speaker and a Transformation Coach.  She is an Associate Trainer with the International Board of Certified Trainers and has over 20 years experience in the customer service field.  She coaches organizations large and small to lift their service levels and offers a unique style of customer service training.  To book Duquesa email duquesa@duquesadean.com or visit her website at www.duquesadean.com.

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